Did you know that 92% of most New Year's Resolutions will fail?

The top 3 reasons why most resolutions fail:

  • Unrealistic goals that set you up for failure from the start.
  • Not being prepared and without a clear direction.  You may have a general idea, but don't have a true game plan.
  • Lack of a strong support system.  Because the going will get tough and it's your support group who will help you reach your goals.

Don't be fooled into another "doomed-to-fail" resolution.  

This is the Year of the Revolution!

What is the New Year Revolution 6 Week Challenge?

Workouts and meal plans designed to shed fat, build muscle and give you the fit and healthy body you've worked for year after year!

This 6 week FAT LOSS program will give you all the tools and support you need (that's been missing in all of the other plans you've tried) to teach you how losing weight and living healthy and fit can become a lifestyle. You'll learn healthier habits you and your entire family will benefit from.

This fat burning program will give you a better understanding and introduction to eating wholesome, real foods. You'll learn how fake foods, artificial preservatives, sugar, gluten and dairy contribute to poor health, raise your blood sugar and cause fat storage.

  • Weekly meal plans and grocery lists designed to burn fat and take the guesswork out of wondering what you'll eat.
  • A 60 page recipe book containing fat burning recipes.
  • Unlimited personal training sessions.
  • Weekly weigh ins and coaching.
  • Prizes valued at $1000!

Discover How Easy It Is To Drop 15-27 Pounds of Fat With Our Proven Fat Loss Formula

With Hillcrest Fit Body's New Year's Resolution 6 Week Challenge, this will be the LAST TIME you make losing weight and getting fit a New Year's Resolution!


We know how busy you are, so we made our workouts super fast and yet insanely effective by harnessing the "afterburn" effect so you will burn fat 24/7.


You can't "Out - Train" a bad diet. So we took out all the guess work and will provide you with what to eat, how much and how often. It is literally fool proof.


Weekly meetings for weigh ins, accountability and support. Weekly emails with meal plans, grocery lists and more!

Save 55% off our RESULTS PROVEN, Step by Step System to LOSE FAT FAST!  Reserve your spot now for only $99!  Challenge starts January 18th!

Make this the LAST YEAR you make getting fit your New Year's Resolution!

I started Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp in mid September! After trying so many different classes and gyms I have found this is the best fit for me! The workouts change daily and are only thirty minutes except for on Saturdays when you get a forty five minute workout! They offer so many different time slots that help me be able to get a workout in! The best part about the program is its trainer Joshua Foster! He works you hard but keeps you motivated, encourages you all the way through your workout and makes sure u are doing each exercise correctly all with a smile on his face! Everyone who works at HFBBC is incredible! The people who attend classes are awesome too! Encouraging you through your workouts. I've met some really great people here. It's like we are all a team! If you haven't tried this place you should! It's the best workout you will ever get for your money! It's the way I spend most evenings after work! Great way to work off the stress of the day!


I can't explain how much I love this place . I was always a gym girl, loved lifting weights. Bootcamp challenges my body in so many more ways. Just try the 3 day free trial and I promise you'll be hooked!


876 Hillcrest Road, Mobile, AL 36695 ~ 251.660.4337

Challenge starts January 18th. Mandatory Orientation Class required.

FREE to current members (sign up on online member site).

Can't be combined with any other offer.‚Äč